Baileyi (Pseudobaileyi)

Baileyi (Pseudobaileyi) is a tall, narrow plant with wispy but sturdy arms reaching up out of a narrow bulbous base. Mostly light green in color, there are touches of light purple at the base.

  • width: 2 - 3" span (.5" at the base)
  • height: 4 - 8"

* please keep in mind that these are unique, individual, live plants, so all measurements are approximate and the air plants we choose for you will be the best available, but may look slightly different than those pictured online.


Baileyi (Pseudobaileyi)
Baileyi (Pseudobaileyi) Baileyi (Pseudobaileyi) Baileyi (Pseudobaileyi) Baileyi (Pseudobaileyi)

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