Bulbosa Belize
Aeranthos Stricta in BLOOM!!
Caput Medusae
Ionantha 5+ Plant Variety
Tectorum Ecuador

1. Bulbosa Belize

The Bulbosa Belize is a alien type dude.  With long green spiky arms that reach in all directions he will definitely ...


2. Aeranthos Stricta in BLOOM!!

This spiky plant has such a fun shape, with its pointy arms sprouting up and out in all directions. Smooth and shiny,...


3. Caput Medusae

Kinda looks like this guy should be named Harold, right? One of our favorites, the Caput Medusae are a rich grassy gr...


4. Vernicosa

One of our favorites! These stiff and spiky plants look gorgeous from above and even better when displayed together i...

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5. Ionantha 5+ Plant Variety

The Ionantha Variety pack includes a mix of 5 amazing little air plants.  Perfect for crafts, terrariums, wedding fav...


6. Tectorum Ecuador

Limited Supply - Collector Air Plant Tectorum Ecuador, is one of the most exquisite species of the air plants.  This ...


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