Melanocrator Tricolor
Spanish Moss (Usneoides Curly)
Stricta Stiff Purple
Bulbosa Belize
Caput Medusae

1. Melanocrator Tricolor

Melanocrator Tricolor is a cool dude!  He is a hardy plant with stiff leaves that stretch high and are mult...


2. Pruinosa

Tillandsia Pruinosa known as the “Fuzzywuzzy” air plant.   Covered with stiff silvery hairs this guy is beautiful and...


3. Spanish Moss (Usneoides Curly)

Spanish Moss, also known as Tillandsia Usneoides, is a flowering plant with thin and curvy leaves sprouting out of a ...


4. Stricta Stiff Purple

The Tillandsia Stricta Stiff Purple is a nice species with stiff green leaves with a tinge of purple. The inflorescen...


5. Bulbosa Belize

The Bulbosa Belize is a alien type dude.  With long green spiky arms that reach in all directions he will definitely ...


6. Caput Medusae

Kinda looks like this guy should be named Harold, right? One of our favorites, the Caput Medusae are a rich grassy gr...


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