Stricta Stiff Leaf
Bulbosa Belize
Caput Medusae
E-6000 Glue

1. Stricta Stiff Leaf

These little air plants have a very pretty shape created by the stiff leaves that begin to curve as they grow larger....


2. Bulbosa Belize

The Bulbosa Belize is a alien type dude.  With long green spiky arms that reach in all directions he will definitely ...


3. Caput Medusae

Kinda looks like this guy should be named Harold, right? One of our favorites, the Caput Medusae are a rich grassy gr...


4. Vernicosa

One of our favorites! These stiff and spiky plants look gorgeous from above and even better when displayed together i...

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5. E-6000 Glue

Safe Non-toxic glue (1/2 oz) for mounting your plants on various items, such as driftwood, plant frames, etc... ...


6. Harrisii

One of our larger air plants at the moment, the Harrisii plant is an incredible value for its size. Fuzzy and light s...


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