E-6000 Glue
Xerographica x Fasciculata
Ionantha 5+ Plant Variety
Tectorum Ecuador
Ionantha Guatemala

1. E-6000 Glue

Safe Non-toxic glue (1/2 oz) for mounting your plants on various items, such as driftwood, plant frames, etc... ...


2. Harrisii

One of our larger air plants at the moment, the Harrisii plant is an incredible value for its size. Fuzzy and light g...


3. Xerographica x Fasciculata

Xerographica x Fasciculata is a big guy and sure to make a statement!  Light green in color with long narrow leaves. ...


4. Ionantha 5+ Plant Variety

The Ionantha Variety pack includes a mix of 5 amazing little air plants.  Perfect for crafts, terrariums, wedding fav...


5. Tectorum Ecuador

Limited Supply - Collector Air Plant Tectorum Ecuador, is one of the most exquisite species of the air plants.  This ...


6. Ionantha Guatemala

Don't confuse these funky guys with something straight off the top of a pineapple. Mostly grassy green, some of the p...


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