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Large Hand-Blown Glass Terrarium with 3 Ionantha Air Plants

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A Living Ecosystem! Three classic variations of Tillandsia Ionantha: Scaposa, Guatemalan, and Mexican, adorn this large, doubled-side terrarium. Perfect for atop a coffee table, as an accent, or even for a centerpiece this terrarium makes it easy to bring the outdoors in.

These exotic air plants are endemic to Latin America and are extremely easy to care for. Keep the terrarium in bright, but indirect light. The plants will require weekly light mistings or quick soakings. When available, at least one blooming ionantha air plant will be sent for instant color! Ionantha air plants bloom several times a year. The blooming process is spectacular to watch: First, the center of the rosetta starts to change color from green to pinks and reds, and when the leaf color is most intense, the plant produces a one to three soft purple blooms, similar to a crocus flower. Having three plants in one terrarium should guarantee at least a few blooms every year. Your air plants will also began producing "pups" that you can split off and share with friends!

This terrarium includes the double-sided bubble bowl, the three ionantha air plants, mixed river stones, and reindeer moss and a cork bark chunk for accent pieces.

The glass large orb measures 5 inches tall and 5.5 inches in width and is open on both ends so you can see your air plants from all angles of the room!

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