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After You Have Made Your Order

After You Have Made Your Order

The in’s and out’s of receiving and caring for your plants

You’ve witnessed our stunning range of air plants. And now you’ve decided to place your very first order. Congratulations! You’ll be joining thousands of satisfied customers who have experienced the unique features of our natural plants and accessories.Here’s a couple of pointers that will ensure your gorgeous plants will soon be flourishing before your eyes:

Yes folks… these plants are very much alive

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These plants ain’t no mushrooms! That means they’re not fond of being kept in a dark box during the shipping process. We recommended our customers regularly check their email so they know precisely when their plants will show up. If you’re faced with sweltering heat in your area (above 95F) or you’re shivering in below freezing conditions, then it’s best to have your plants shipped to where your mail is delivered – like your office. This will mean your ‘little darlings’ can be collected and brought inside asap.

Tillandsia are incredibly tough and durable plants. However, just like us humans, they tend not to like temperature extremes. As soon as your box arrives, open it and show your plant a bit of love! Give it a drink with some water (chlorine-free if possible) for about an hour. Tap water is generally fine. Afterwards, give your plants a gentle shake to free any water and then it’s time to set them aside to dry. Your plants will normally be completely dry in around four hours. If you find yourself becoming just a tad inpatient, you can use a fan to speed up the drying process and help avoid nasty rot.

The journey can be taxing on air plants

A few days in a dark box is enough to make anyone a bit flat. Sometime when your plants arrive, they may appear a little drab. This is normal and it’s nothing to fret about. Within a week, your plant should be looking a whole lot stronger. We suggest you compare your plants to the ones on our website.

This will give you an insight into what a healthy plant should look like. Sometimes plants will simply not perk up within this time frame. Unfortunately, this is an indicator that you most likely have a sickly plant. It does happen from time to time but we’ve got you covered. You can rest assured knowing that our 30-day warranty will cover plants that don’t make during the first 30 days.

Our promise to you

If your plants don’t survive the journey – and very occasionally, this will happen, get in touch with us straight away. If you’re thinking that your plant just looks a little ‘off’, then first things first – give him (or her) a three-hour soak. If your plant still fails to spring back to life, simply take a picture and email it to us. Out team will sometimes advise you to keep watch on your plants for a few days, just in case they’re still recovering from their shipping journey.

If your plants are especially important and you’re ordering for an event or resale, then it’s best to order a couple of weeks in advance. That way, when the big day arrives, your plants will be looking more divine than ever.

Note that we will only pay the shipping once for warranty plants on a given order.

Sit back and watch ‘em grow

So, your plants have survived the journey to their destination. They’ve acclimatized to their new home (and their new family) and you’re thinking to yourself, “Now what?” The most important aspects are:

  1. Water
  2. Light
  3. Air

Get these essentials right and your air plants are going to thrive. Read more on our air plant care page.

While there are some plants that will have a short lifespan, others may exude colorful growth for years. Every plant is unique and with a little TLC, they’ll grow and provide you with immeasurable joy.

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