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Photo Story: Cantón San José Inauguration Ceremony

Pencils of Promise Curtain
Preparation begins for the ceremony. 
Celebration set up
All set for inauguration celebrations!
Pencils of Promise Director
Pencils of promise director of operations for Guatemala, Jorge Bolom, gives a speech. 
ribbon cutting
The cutting of the ribbon. 
end of ribbon cutting
Ribbon cutting complete.
Board of directors stand for Guatemala National Anthem. 
Group photo of everyone who helped make this school a reality. 
Happy parents
Members of the community show appreciation and excitement for the new school.
The director of teaching staff presents recognition plaque to Pencils of Promise.
hand wash
Hand washing stations at the school.
Restrooms at the school. This is often the first time children see and use indoor facilities.
A recognition plaque hung between classrooms for our mother Judy James.
judy plaque
Judy was a fierce advocate for education. We our proud to have her honored.
Children on new swing set
Children get to enjoy the swing sets at their new school. 

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