Visiting Our School in Guatemala

Visiting Our School in Guatemala

Visiting Aldea Rosario Monte Maria, Guatemala

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Three months after inauguration, we were able to visit our school in the isolated Quiché Department of Guatemala. Pencils of Promise lead the way on a multi-day visit of our partner community, Monte Maria.

The Monte Maria Community is located about 14 miles north of Chicaman. The school is nestled at the bottom of a small valley. There is not yet electricity in the village.


The local students waiting for our arrival. From the sound of our pick-up coming down the rocky road, I am sure just about everyone new we were arriving!


Students made signs to thank Pencils of Promise, the partner organization that coordinated the construction of the school.


All of the kids were so thankful! The left sign reads "Thanks for thinking about our community!" and the other "Thanks for your donation Mr. Christian".


Students lined up patiently to watch the ceremony which would include dancing, live music and commemorative speeches about the constructions of the school.


The first event, a traditional Mayan dance.


This has to be one of our favorite photos! They are so photogenic and beautiful.


The next event, a sack race! They were not short on volunteers to join in on this race.


Christian being presented with a basket full of Guanabana (Soursop), a fruit found in this region and a handmade woven bag which reads "Remember Monte Maria, Christian".


Of course, they had to make the Gringo guest of honor dance in front of everyone!


It was a huge to surprise to everyone when we announced that every child would get a bag of school supplies and candies.


As our time at the village came to an end, we were feeling so humbled to have been able to know first-hand the impact our school was making in this community.


The hand washing and bathroom station at the school. For many of them, the their only opportunity to use a regular bathroom is at school.


  • Kay Olson

    Thanks so much for this update! It is great to know we are helping to make a difference somewhere. It makes it all so much more personal to see the people and buildings where it is all happening.

  • Billie Jo Lundblad

    Love my air plants. I am definitely buying more and more every month. Is there a special club to experience all types of different plants that I can purchase every month, all kinds of different plants, and different idea’s to display the air planit’s in my home. I am so excited. Love your plants, and always have had healthy plants when they are delivered. Thank you. Sincerely, Billie Jo Lundblad.

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