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Hi, my name is Christian. Welcome to Air Plant Supply Co. My interest in tropical plants and specifically air plants began as a kid while on vacations to Florida. I always enjoyed nature and the outdoors, but once exposed to the subtropical climate of Florida I became awestruck with palms, tropical flowers, and air plants. I would pull them off the trees and fences and bring them back to my home in the Chicagoland area. At home, I would add the plants to a huge, glass, terrarium complete with waterfall, orchids, and poison dart frogs. I loved taking care of the air plants and watching them bloom. Taking care of my terrarium was a nice way to get through the monotonous, damp, and frigid winters of Northern Illinois

When it came down to deciding where I would attend university, the choice was easy! I knew I must go to school in my beloved Florida! Luckily, I found Flagler College, a true gem of a school nestled in the Historic District of the Nation’s Oldest City, St. Augustine, Florida. While earning degrees in Business, Spanish, and Latin American Studies I took advantage of every chance I had to travel to Central and South America.

I had the opportunity to find a summer internship in hospitality at the Villa Decary B&B in Lake Arenal, Costa Rica. I would assist guests in booking tours, serve breakfast, and I even completed a few landscaping projects. The property was designed by some of the founding members of the International Palm Society making it chock-full of Palms, Cacao, and Giant Ceiba trees--All perfect hosts for air plants!

Later in my college career I would have the chance to study in Medellin, Colombia. In the City of Eternal Spring I found myself taking frequent trips to the highlands or public botanical gardens. It was there that I was inspired to combine my disciplines and share my favorite living things in the world, air plants!

During my college years, I supplemented my income by shipping plants for an online air plant supplier and with my own Etsy Shop, Air Plant Design Center. I realized I could actually work with the plants that I loved! Now, years after my first experience with Florida and air plants I have become the operating manager of Air Plant Supply Co right here in St. Augustine, Florida!

Enjoy perusing the site to find the perfect collection of air plants, specialty air plant containers, terrariums, or sea life accents for your home, office, or apartment! My team and I work closely to curate a unique selection of plants and other curiosities for our customers while providing an exemplary customer service experience.

St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Air Plant Supply Co. is headquartered in beautiful Northeast Florida. This is where we keep our special collection of Tillandsias, like this beautiful Tillandsia Xerographica specimen.

Linea B-6 Community, Guatemala

We have been committed to bettering the lives of underserved communities in Guatemala since our 2016 partnership with Pencils of Promise. We have already broke ground on our third school.

Lago Arenal, Costa Rica

Christian surrounded by epiphytes (plants that grow on other objects) in 2012 at the Giant Ceiba Tree in Lago Arenal, Costa Rica. This tree was the inspiration for the tree in the film Avatar.