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Air Plant Merchandising Inspiration by URSA
Are you an Air Plant Supply Co. wholesale buyer? Not sure how to merchandise the plants and accessories or simply looking for some inspiration? You're in the right place! Look no further than URSA, our long-time customers and friends at the cutest lifestyle boutique...
Building Air Plant Terrariums with Kids
Growing and collecting Tillandsia is an illuminating and trending hobby amongst all ages! From displaying a large Xerographica to raising an Ionantha pup, air plants never cease to amaze us with their diverse species, unique life cycles, and wide range of ways to use and display them.
Air Plant Wood Display
Air plant wood displays are incredibly popular due to the fact that trees are its natural habitat so it's truly the organic way to display tillandsia. Air plants grow roots to cling tightly to trees to keep them away from protect them from predators.
10 Air Plant Gifts for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, surprise your mom with the gift that keeps giving–air plants! At Air Plant Supply Co, we have a large variety of options to choose from depending on YOUR mom! 

5 Ways to Display Your Air Plants
From glass terrariums to driftwood to vertical gardens, the adaptations that air plants (tillandsia) have made in the wild allow them to be used in many different types of design and displays. Here are are 5 ways to design with air plants in your home!