Thank You! We're Building A School.

Thank You! We're Building A School.

Update January 2018

We have been officially paired with the rural community of Aldea Rosario Monte Maria in the Quiché region in Northwestern Guatemala for our first school build. Currently, the community has a school with six formal classrooms and four provisional classrooms made out of wood and dirt floors. Because of the large number of students, these classrooms are experiencing overcrowding, as well additional structural safety hazards. These conditions pose a hazard to student safety and well being as well as engagement and learning.

The additional classrooms will help with overcrowding and will serve pre-primary, first, second and fifth grade students. Teachers, parents and community members are dedicated and committed to the project, and will contribute up to 20 percent of resources and labor necessary to complete the build. The project should be completed by the fall of 2018. Additional donations are going towards our second school build.

Today, many students in Aldea Rosario Monte Maria attend classes in poorly-constructed provisional buildings, however, their eagerness to learn is unwavering.

Update August 2017

We've met our goal. We are going to build a school in Guatemala completely funded by your air plant orders. During the next several months, Pencils of Promise will pair us with a rural community in Guatemala. Once the they choose the site, the school will be completed in 3-5 months. We won't stop here. We are on-track to have enough money funded for a second school build within 10 months. In addition, we are donating an additional $1,000 dollars a month to Pencil of Promise's Passport and Wash programs, which train teachers and teach young people about sanitation and nutrition. Thank you for letting us reach our goal one month earlier than anticipated.

- Scott, Christian, Jody, Patricia, Amanda & Daniel


Your Order Will Help Us Build a School in Guatemala

Throughout the developing world, disadvantaged children struggle to become educated due to lack of schools, limited community support organizations, and lack of governmental funding. To make a difference, Air Plant Supply Co. will donate a portion of every order to support Pencils of Promise, an international non-profit organization that funds schools, programs, and global communities around the common goal that everyone should have the opportunity to receive a quality education. 

They say if you give a man a fish he eats for a day, but if you teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime. That is exactly what Pencils of Promise does in the communities they serve. Pencils of Promise build schools, pays teachers, provides private scholarships for secondary education, and support community programs covering topics like water purification, nutrition, and sanitation.

Pencils of Promise has a 
track record of supporting communities that require the most help and maintaining a long-lasting relationship. Yearly studies show that students of Pencils of Promise schools are more literate and educationally-focused than other children in the countries. They have a proven track record of building educational foundations in the communities that last and we are proud to support their efforts.

Help Us Reach Our Goal To Build A New School By Fall Of 2017

Your purchase will help, in partnership with Pencils of Promise, build a school in a needy community in rural Guatemala. Stay tuned for continued updates on our fundraising progress. Help us reach our goal of funding an entire school building project by August of 2017. 


Why Pencils Of Promise?

  • 100% of your donation will go directly to building a school
  • Funding for administration is raised separately
  • Proven track record of building schools and maintaining staff indefinitely after completion of the building
  • Every school built by Pencils of Promise is operational today
  • Create long-lasting relationships within the communities they serve
  • They work fast. Pencils of Promise breaks ground on a new school every 5 days

$1 From Every Order On Any Of Our Brands Will Be Donated

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Check Back for Updates on Our Progress

You Can Help Us Build A School in Guatemala

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