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2023 Top Holiday Air Plant Gifts
Explore our favorite 2023 Air Plant Holiday gifts including our hanging Capsule Terrarium, DIY Court Bark Vertical Garden, and our Black-Glazed Terracotta Pot housing a stunning Tillandsia Xerographia!
The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Plant Lovers
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, again! Holiday gift shopping couldn’t be simpler and more versatile at Air Plant Supply Co. with selections ranging from cute, simple gestures to impressive, show-stopping displays, air plant gifts bring joy throughout every season.
Harvesting Cork Bark
One of our favorite and most versatile mediums for displaying air plants is our natural cork bark! We find that what makes this product truly admirable is the process by which it is harvested. Ample time and manpower are required to bring each unique piece of cork bark from the forests in Portugal to our home displays.
Photo Story: Photo Story: Escuela Línea B-6 Satelite Inauguration Ceremony
A beautiful sight! The completed facilities have seven classrooms that will help to change the lives of many children and adults in the Línea B-6 Eje Central community.   The Air Plant Shop team is so proud to have been able to help fund...
Photo Story: Construction Update at Escuela Línea B-6 Satelite
Air Plant Supply Co. created a photo story of the construction happening at Escuela Línea B-6 Satelite in Guatemala. See first-hand the hard work of the Pencils of Promise team and the local community!
Photo Story: Breaking Ground at Escuela Línea B-6 Satelite
We are excited to announce the ground breaking of the newest school being constructed in Guatemala within the Suchitepéquez district. Here is a look at some of the festivities.
Photo Story: Cantón San José School Completion March 2022
Air Plant Supply Co. created a photo story of the completed school build from a recent visit to the community of Cantón San José. See first-hand the hard work of the Pencils of Promise team and the local community!
Air Plant Supply Co.'s Next Impact: Escuela Línea B-6 Satelite
Air Plant Supply Co.'s newest project with PoP is Línea B-6 Central, Guatemala. Our mission is to build a new seven classroom structure to provide a safe space for quality learning for hundreds of students.
Photo Story: Cantón San José Inauguration Ceremony
Wonderful collection of photos from the inaugural ceremony at the Cantón San José community!
Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide
Mother’s Day is almost here and there’s no better way to help your mom ring in the spring season than with air plants! Air plants are unique, beautiful and, most importantly, low-maintenance, which makes them the perfect gift for the mom in your life. We created a list of our top picks for this mother’s day. Whether your mom likes to get creative or has a green-thumb, there’s something on this list she’s sure to love!
Our Second School in Cantón San José, Guatemala is Almost Done!
We are please to announce that our second Pencils of Promise school located in the Cantón San José community within the Boca Costa region of Guatemala is near completion! 
Your Green Corporate Gifting Specialist
With more corporate team members working from home in 2020 we have amped up our corporate gifting fulfillment service to better suit companies that are following pandemic protocols.
Construction Begins at Our Second School: Cantón San José, Guatemala
Air Plant Supply is pleased to announce the location of our second school project in Guatemala. We will be providing two additional classrooms to a small community school in the Boca Costa region of the country. Pencils of Promise (PoP) and Air Plant Supply Co. have been partnered since 2016. Air Plant Supply donates $1 from every order to Pencils of Promise.
Sustainable Farming: Cultivation of Tillandsia Xerographica
Tillandsia Xerographica, the Queen of Air Plants, was almost extinct from the wild just a couple of decades ago. Learn how intervention by international environmentalist agencies and increased seed production has allowed this beautiful plant to be made available for the masses.
Environmentally Conscious Farming of Air Plants
Here at the Air Plant Supply Co., we only work with suppliers certified by their respective state or country governments for Tillandsia exportation. This ensures that we are supporting a sustainable and environmentally conscious supply chain.
After You Have Made Your Order
Tillandsia are incredibly tough and durable plants. However, just like us humans, they tend not to like temperature extremes. As soon as your box arrives, open it and show your plant a bit of love! Give it a drink with some water (chlorine-free if possible) for about an hour.
Visiting Our School in Guatemala
Three months after inauguration, we were able to visit our school in the isolated Quiché Department of Guatemala. Pencils of Promise lead the way on a multi-day visit of our partner community, Monte Maria.
Air Plant Gifts for Your Customers
At, we recognize the need to cultivate a positive business-to-customer relationship. We work alongside corporate clients that are looking to create a unique memento to send to their customers.
Air Plant Supply Co. x Pencils of Promise School Impact Timeline
Throughout the developing world, disadvantaged children struggle to become educated due to lack of schools, limited community support organizations, and lack of governmental funding. To make a difference, Air Plant Supply Co. has donated $1.00 of every order to support Pencils of Promise since 2016. We have helped fund and build four schools in Guatemala with PoP!
FAQ: How do I order Wholesale?
Anyone can order from our Wholesale, Bulk, and Favors pages. We have designed our site so wholesale and bulk ordering can easily be done online. These pages are very popular for Retailers, Event Planners, and Florists, but the only requirement is that you order the Minimum required per plant or variety.
Want to Start a Successful Business?
Due to their popularity and ease of care, air plants are an easy item to add to well-curated retail settings. We have seen our plants featured in jewelry stores, gift shops, farmer’s markets, grocery stores, and of course florist and botanical shops.