Your Green Corporate Gifting Specialist

Your Green Corporate Gifting Specialist

Your Green Corporate Gifting Specialist Now Has More

Synchronized Gifting Solutions for 50-100,000 recipients

With more corporate team members working from home we have amped up our corporate gifting fulfillment service to fit our customer's needs. Let’s brighten our workspaces with festive air plants that will last through-out the coming year. Here are some of the increased benefits to our corporate gifting for the 2023 holidays.

  • Early bird corporate ordering incentives
  • More gifting options for employee gifts
  • More options for personalizing your gifts
  • A complete fulfillment service making it easy on you.
  • All-in pricing (includes shipping) starting at $12.95/person
  • Schedule the shipments in advance for synchronized arrival
  • A great way to thank your team

Some of our most popular corporate gifts

Minimalist Terrarium Kit
Cork Bark Vase with Air Plants
Driftwood Vase Set with Air Plant
"Stunning" Terrarium Kit
Assembled Air Plant Dish Gardens
Medium Xerographica is Black Glaze Terracotta Pot

Happiness is in the Air (plants)

Plants provide air for the house, as well as a warm, earthy feeling. Proven to brighten our moods, plants in the home or office lead to more productivity and creative thinking. Corporate teams and employees can share the joy of their unique air plant gifts on their next holiday video conference.

And on the frontside, you can show your appreciation for this “unique year” of hard work and flexible attitudes from your team members by choosing from a large selection of corporate gifting air plant, terrarium and container options.

More Branding and Marketing Options

We now accept any stickers, drop cards, thank you cards and custom tape. If it fits, sticks or ties on—it ships! This is an opportunity to get creative. We even have certain gifts where we can attach personalized messages on the loop of the air plant terrarium, ceramic vase or metal pendant. Just connect with one of our corporate account staff members to talk it over and get a quote. Email us at for more information.

  • Gifts are customizable to your budget
  • Air Plant Care Cards included with every gift
  • Company branding and marketing included in shipments (just send it to us).

More Options in Shipping

  • We can use our shipping services or use your own corporate UPS or Fed Ex account to assure they arrive on time.
  • We back all shipments with our 30-Day Replacement Plant Guarantee
  • We provide a simple Excel template to submit your recipient list.
  • We will schedule your shipment to fit your needs. Order in advance and we will take care of the fulfillment and shipping so that the plants arrive the freshest possible.

Corporate gifting fulfillment requirements

  • Air plants can only be shipped to US recipients
  • Minimum order of 50 gifts (50 addresses)
  • We provide a concise Excel spreadsheet template for your distribution list

Get in touch with us as soon as possible to get a custom quote on ordering your employee holiday gifts. Contact us at or give us a call at (888) 631-7611.

The corporate gifts that are changing children’s lives

With each gift your company purchases for your grateful team members, our company pays it forward by giving $1.00 from each gift toward the education of children in Guatemala through the Pencils For Promise organization. We are proud to partner with Pencils because 100% of every dollar goes to the children.

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