air plant tillandsia corporate gift

Air Plant Gifts for Your Customers

Air Plants Gift for Your Customers

A personal touch can leave a lasting impression

Enhancing a prosperous business relationship with your customers is crucial to any organization’s growth in an ever-competitive environment.

There are a host of ways that businesses can build rapport and a sense of ‘familiarity’ with both existing and potential customers. This may include regular email newsletters where you showcase new products and offer the customer something of value – such as a tip of the month.  When you offer your customers something of value, rather than simply push for a sale, you create a sense of trust.

You can alternatively add a more personal touch by sending hand-written ‘thank-you’ cards to your customers. As a means of further strengthening your brand in the eyes of your customers, you can also choose to send small gifts that offer value.

At, we recognize the need to cultivate a positive business-to-customer relationship. We work alongside corporate clients that are looking to create a unique memento to send to their customers.

air plant tillandsia gift corporate custom
air plant tillandsia gift corporate custom

By partnering closely with our corporate clients, we’re able to identify exactly the type of gift that their customers will love. Such as this custom corporate gift (to the right) for the Athena Health team.

We’re able to personalize a beautiful air plant gift – with options including our living and breathing terrariums, stunning seashell arrangements and made-to-order configurations of our signature air plants. Let us handle the hard work for you, after all, we are experts at shipping air plants! Our bulk fulfillment pricing is competitive with a speedy turn-around. You are welcome to send us any custom cards, gift notes or promotional material and we will add it to the package.

air plant tillandsia gift corporate custom

In addition to our comprehensive range of air plants and plant accessories, at, we offer unrivaled wholesale pricing. We can provide you with product and pricing options that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

At, we customize and deliver gifts to your customers that will literally grow alongside your business relationship.

It’s never been more important to ask yourself – ‘how am I standing apart from my competitors; in the eyes of both my customers and prospective customers?’ You may have the best product and the best customer service, but in today’s business world, customer loyalty is ever-fleeting. What can you do to add a personal touch that your customers will appreciate and remember?

It’s time today that you take a tour of Let us customize the perfect gift that will highlight your ongoing value to the customers. Email us to ask about our drop-shipping options.

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