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2023 Top Holiday Air Plant Gifts

The holiday season is upon us, and there's no better way to celebrate the spirit of giving than by sharing unique, thoughtful gifts with your loved ones. This year, Air Plant Supply Co. is thrilled to present our carefully curated 2023 Holiday Gift Guide, designed to inspire and delight both beginners and seasoned green thumbs alike!

air plant tillandsia gift holiday

Hanging Capsule Terrarium

The Capsule Terrarium is our newest hanging glass display and with its distinctive tall shape, it is designed to capture attention, making it a striking addition to any room. Whether suspended from its loop to create an eye-catching hanging display or placed on a flat surface, this terrarium adds a contemporary touch of nature to your decor. Accompanied by three hand-picked Tillandsia, lush moss, and sturdy hemp string for hanging, our Capsule Terrarium is a complete package that will allow your loved ones to embrace the magnetism of air plants. 




air plant tillandsia gift holiday

DIY Cork Bark Display

Looking for the perfect gift for nature and plant enthusiasts? Our DIY Vertical Cork Bark Garden Display is unique and elegant. Measuring approximately 7 x 9 inches, it is a stunning addition to a home, patio, or office space. The display comes with four vibrant air plants, adding a touch of greenery and life to any room. The natural cork bark provides a rustic charm, enhancing the beauty of the air plants it holds.





air plant tillandsia gift holiday

Black Glazed Terracotta Pot with Xerographica

If you’re in the market for a statement plant, look no further than the Tillandsia Xerographica, a classic beauty! Complete the look with our Black-Glazed Terracotta Pot for a chic and easy display. The beautiful contrast of the silvery leaves against the black bonsai pot makes for a truly stunning and impressive gift. This is your one-stop shop as you can save up to 25% when you purchase a value pack of three or five, enough to gift to multiple recipients and even keep one for yourself!

As a final (or last-minute) touch, consider the versatility that an E-Gift Card from Air Plant Supply Co. provides. Let your loved ones explore and choose their favorite air plants and accessories, ensuring a gift that aligns perfectly with their unique tastes and preferences.

Unsure about gifting an air plant? Learn about the simplicity of Tillandsia care from our Air Plant Care Guide!

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