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Supply Top Gift Picks for Mom

This Mother's Day, show your appreciation with gifts that reflect the charm of nature. Air Plant Supply Co. shares a curated selection of botanical beauty that will delight any Mom who loves plants! From award-winning hybrids to stylish displays, here are five popular products to consider:


air plant tillandsia samantha T. mooreana X kalmbacheri
Tillandsia Samantha 'T. mooreana X kalmbacheri'


  • Experience the breathtaking beauty of Tillandsia Samantha, an award-winning hybrid recognized for its glossy green leaves and stunning inflorescence.
  • This rare plant has received prestigious accolades, making it a prized addition to any plant collection!
  • Pro tip: This is our newest Tillandsia offering so it is unlikely be part of your Mom's collection.


air plant tillandsia jumbo pack combo
Jumbo Air Plant Pack
  • Treat Mom to a collection of large and unique specimen plants, potentially including varieties like Harisii, Butzii, Seleriana, and more.
  • These jumbo air plants make a statement with their size and beauty, perfect for adding flair to any indoor or outdoor garden.
  • Pro tip: Want to earn bonus points? Create a DIY air plant bouquet with these jumbo plants. All you need is some craft paper (even some inside-out brown paper bags) to dress the bouquet!


air plant tillandsia pruning trimming scissors
Pruning Scissors for Air Plants
  • Help Mom care for her air plants with ease using our sleek bonsai-style pruning scissors.
  • Crafted for durability and precision, these scissors are both functional tools and stylish accessories for plant enthusiasts!
  • Pro tip: Searching for other air plant tools? Check these out: Air Plant Mister, Ready-To-Use Air Plant Fertilizer, and FREE care resources.


air plant tillandsia cork bark display assembled design
Fully Assembled Air Plant Cork Bark Displays
  • Elevate Mom's plant display game with our gift-ready cork bark displays, designed to showcase air plants in a natural and elegant way.
  • Each display is handcrafted and ready to hang, adding a touch of botanical charm to any space.
  • Pro tip: We offer all different sizes so you can customize for Mom's space. Want to go above and beyond? Try a couple different sizes to create a cork bark gallery wall!


air plant supply co staghorn fern
Mounted Staghorn Fern
  • For a unique twist, consider gifting this well sought-after plant that is sure to be on your Mom's "must-have" list of plants.
  • These ferns, native to Southeast Asia, bring a touch of tropical beauty to indoor or outdoor spaces, making them a thoughtful gift!
  • Pro tip: Staghorns are an elite and uncommon addition to any plant lovers collection. Mom will be overjoyed by this one!


    Consider adding Air Plant Supply Co.'s branded gift wrapping for only five dollars extra to complete the gift!

    This Mother's Day, celebrate Mom's love for nature with gifts that inspire and delight. Explore our full collection for more botanical treasures that will make her day truly special.

    Happy Mother's Day from Air Plant Supply Co.!

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