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Order fully rooted cuttings of Calathea Maranta varieties including: Ornata, Setosa, Anulque, Burle Marx, Roseopicta Medallion, Lubbersiana, Oppenheimiana Tricolor, and Rufibarba directly from our nursery in the heart of Guatemala. Our rooted cuttings come from mother plants as a stronger, larger and cheaper alternative to tissue culture.

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Calathea Burlee-Marxii

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Calathea Anulque

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Why Rooted Cuttings?

Our rooted cuttings are not grown in a lab, but divided from strong plants grown in our jungle nursery. Our plants are durable to shipping and will adapt quickly to their new environment.

What to Expect

Step 1: Place Your Order

Easily place your wholesale order online. The minimum order is 250 Calathea cuttings per order. Please allow up to 3 weeks to receive your delivery for currently available species. Preorder species will start shipping at the end of July 2023. We will send you a follow-up email with estimated arrival details after the order is received.

Step 2: Cuttings Selection

The order is sent to our jungle nursery. We select, divide and clean the highest-quality rooted Calathea cuttings for your order, ensuring they are free of pests.

Step 3: Prepare for Shipment

Immediately before packing, each plant is wrapped in damp paper and plastic bags so they are hydrated for their journey. After a final count, the cuttings are gently layered into the box with packing paper.

Step 4: Importation Logistics

Sit back and relax. Air Plant Supply Co. takes care of all the transportation and custom clearances for your Central American-grown rooted cuttings

Step 5: Receive & Replant

Upon arrival, prepare to pot-up your new Calatheas as soon as possible. Depending the variety, pot size and your preference, 1-5 stems can be added to each container. Water thoroughly and maintain high humidity for the fast recuperation at your business.

Step 6: Sell at Your Business

Whether you potted up your plants in simple plastic nursery pots for quick resale or used them to create an exotic, mixed-plant centerpiece, it is time to add them to your nursery, storefront, market or plant stand! Happy Selling!

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Discover The Beauty

Calatheas, like Tillandsias, are a great addition to your florist shop, garden store or nursery.