Our Top Six Picks for Valentine's Day Gifts

Our Top Six Picks for Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day can be stressful...you want to give your significant other the perfect gift. A gift that’s not too basic, but not too out there. A gift that shows them exactly how much you care, without being over the top. But especially a gift that won’t be forgotten by February 15th! 

So, what is that perfect gift? An air plant of course! We might be a little biased, but air plants are a great combination of traditional and unique. Air plants are easier to take care of than the traditional bouquet of roses (c’mon, we know you’re not going to remember to change the water). Plus, ordering air plants online saves you the hassle of that last-minute shopping trip.

Whether you’re shopping for your valentine, galentine, or even just yourself (because self-love is important too!), let us ease your Valentine's Day stress with our air plant gift guide:


Cork Bark Display with Four Air Plants 

cork bark air plant display

For the nature lover in your life, this beautiful cork bark display cannot be ignored. Inspired by the way air plants grow on trees in their natural habitat, this display allows your special someone to bring the tropics into their own home. 

Not the most confident DIY-er? We've got you covered! Here are some design tips on how to get started decorating your cork bark display. 


Glass Terrarium with Three Air Plants


large hand-blown glass terrarium air plants

Simple, chic, and stylish, this glass terrarium is a wonderful addition to any room! The kit comes with a hand-blown, double sided glass terrarium, river rocks, moss and three Ionantha air plants. Build the kit with your valentine and decide where the new air plant eco-system will be located.


Geometric Glass Terrarium with Xerographica

Geometric Glass Terrarium with Tillandsia Xerographica Air Plant
The main attraction of air plants, the Xerographica! Gift your valentine the ultimate air plant that is (almost) as lovely as them. Plus, the geometric glass terrarium allows your loved one to admire their Xerographica from all angles!


Small White Ceramic with Harrisii & Abdita

ivory ceramic vase with Harrisii & Abdita Air Plants tillandsia
How cute are these white vases? They are the perfect addition to any desk or table OR try hanging it by a window. Plus, each one comes with an air plant that is hand-picked to fit each vase, so you can be sure your valentine is getting the best selection possible! 


Hanging White Ceramic with Two Air Plants

White hanging pod air plant tillandsia
This elegant, modern ceramic pod is a great gift that will fit in any home. Its simple design will allow your special someone to show off their plants from multiple views thanks to the three spacious cut-outs.


 DIY Glass Diamond Terrarium 

diy glass diamond terrarium air plant tillandsia

If your valentine is a lover of all things DIY, then this glass terrarium is the ideal gift for them. This diamond shaped terrarium is a beautiful air plant display that would look lovely on a bookshelf or hanging for all to admire. Add on the terrarium kit and two air plants to give your valentine the ultimate customization options. This gift will allow that special someone in your life to be creative and make their own little glass garden they're sure to love!


Air Plant Supply Co. Gift Card

With this many good gift options, we know it might be hard to make a decision...lucky for you, we got that covered. A gift card is always a good way to allow your significant other to choose the air plant that is right for them!


We are confident that one of these air plants will be the perfect gift for whoever you’re gifting this February 14th! Check out our website for even more potential gift ideas this Valentine's Day. 

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