Air Plant Gift Mother's Day Tillandsia

10 Air Plant Gifts for Mother’s Day

Wow Your Mom with Unique Air Plants and Stylish Accessories

This Mother’s Day, surprise your mom with the gift that keeps giving–air plants! They elevate any space with a pop of greenery and our minimal accessories pair well with any decor. An added benefit is that air plants are low maintenance because they absorb nutrients from the air and  water. At Air Plant Supply Co, we have a large variety of options to choose from depending on YOUR mom! Check out our special Mother’s Day Collection and read on for our handpicked air plant gifts for all types of moms!  

For the mom that can never have too many plants...

Even the ultimate plant lovers can always add more air plants to their collection! Our Large Air Plant Variety Pack gives you the option of a combination of ten or fifteen or twenty different big plants–Large Xerographica, Bulbosa Belize, Large Harrisii, Caput Medusae, Juncea and Capitata Peach! You can’t go wrong with this variety pack because it is our most popular selection of large plants for a great value. 

Air Plant gifts gifting mothers day supply co
Air Plant Gift Mother's Day Tillandsia

For the mom without a green thumb…

We recommend the simple combination of our Red Abdita air plant with Mini African Mopani Wood for the mom that can’t keep plants alive. This is a stand out item because of the bright plant and the statement wood...meaning they won’t forget to water the air plant! Plus, people are guaranteed to compliment this display which will be another reminder and positive reinforcement to maintain the air plant. If you are especially not confident in your mom’s ability to keep plants alive, we sell individual twelve month supply Grow More Fertilizer Packs!

For the mom that loves DIY...

Add a touch of nature to the indoors with our living ecosystem– Large Glass Terrarium with three Ionantha. Perfect as a kitchen table centerpiece or a coffee table accent. This kit includes all the things you need to do-it-yourself–pebbles, moss, cork bark, double-sided glass terrarium and three classic variations of Tillandsia Ionantha: Scaposa, Guatemalan and Mexican. Keep the terrarium in bright but indirect light and you are good to go!

Mother's Day gifting giving air plant supply co
Air Plant Gift Mother's Day Tillandsia

An alternative option for the DIY mom is our Vertical Garden Cork Bark Display with
two air plants and waterproof glue. This gift makes for a fun project to do together and the end result is a dramatic wall hanging for any spot in their home!

For the minimalist mom...

If your mom is a fan of minimal decor but still loves adding natural elements to their environment, the classic, yet trendy Xerographica is the foolproof air plant gift! Xerographica are a crowd favorite because they are extremely versatile–they can stand alone or pair well with other plants and decor.

Air Plant Gift Mother's Day Tillandsia
Air Plant Gift Mother's Day Tillandsia

For the sophisticated mom…

Our Heptahedron Geometric Glass Terrarium with metallic gold finish is our go-to recommendation for anyone that loves the trendy gold accent color in their home. Or the minimalist mom! This gorgeous seven-sided terrarium sits on its triangular base, angled perfectly to display your favorite tillandsia. This item does not come with a plant which means you get to pick it out based on your mom! We suggest Harrisii, Abdita, Caput Medusae, Sterptophylla, Capitata Peach, Xerographica mini, Circinata and Bulbosa Belize. 

For the artsy mom...

Our beautiful, customizable Charcoal Clay Containers are the perfect gift for any art lover. The containers can be purchased singularly or as a set of two or three with your choice of air plant–Xerographica Mini, Fasciculata Tricolor, Sparkler, or Streptophylla Hybrid. Each container is hand-spun creating a unique texture and grain.

Air Plant Gift Mother's Day Tillandsia
Air Plant Gift Mother's Day Tillandsia

For the wine lover...

Check out our Magnetic Wine Corks with Air Plants for those who love wine and anything related to wine! The adorably tiny Ionantha or Velutina air plants paired with the wine corks are one of our most popular gifts. You can buy them as a set of three or ten to gift all the special moms in your life!

For the beachy mom...

Air plants compliment nautical decor and our Sputnik Urchins with Air Plants will blend right in with their current decorations! This set of three includes three hand-chosen air plants and three nobby Sputnik urchins shells. They will brighten  any location and give that seaside style appearance even without living near the beach. And, if you’re in a pinch for time, we have a Gift Wrapped Pink Urchin with Air Plants option! The gift set includes three pink urchin shells and Ionantha air plants and gift wrapping.

Air Plant Gift Mother's Day Tillandsia
Air Plant Gift Mother's Day Tillandsia

For the moms that shops top selling items…

Sometimes it’s not bad to be a sheep in the herd. Following popular items and best sellers is a sure way to purchase and gift guaranteed winning items. For example, our Large Ivory Ceramic Vases with Harrissi, Red Abdita and Caput Medusae air plants are a crowd pleaser and cost effective. They come in a set of three or six which means some for them and maybe some for you. The beautiful ceramic vases can be hung or stood on a flat surface due to the flat bottom for window sills, desks, coffee tables, etc. 

For the mom that never likes anyones gifts…

Give them the gift of choice–a gift card is always the safe option! Plus, if you’re running out of time the gift card is emailed directly to the recipient once the purchaser adds the recipient email address.