How To Use Our Air Plant Spray Fertilizer

16-9-25 With Micronutrients

Our pre-diluted air plant fertilizer is a great way to encourage blooms, blushing (color changes on the leaves) and reproduction by pups and seeds.

Once a month, thoroughly wet the leaves of your air plants with the fertilizer spray. Remove from terrariums and holders before spraying to avoid water marks on the glass and prevent rot. The leaves should change color when they are thoroughly dampened. Air plants with wide and flat leaves, like Xerographica, benefit from being sprayed on both sides of the leaves. Let the fertilizer spray dry completely before placing your plants back in their displays.

The use of the fertilizer spray will not replace the normal water requirements. Still soak or heavily mist your air plants following your normal watering routine.

Our air plant fertilizer spray was developed by American tillandsia enthusiasts. It is a gentle mixture of the three major macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) and many other micronutrients which are not commonly found in store-bought plant food. It is pet and child safe to the touch, however, we recommend keeping it out of the reach of young children.

blushing and blooming assorted tillandsia air plants

Why Fertilize?

Regular fertilization can encourage stronger, larger plants and larger and more vibrant blooms. It can help make the difference if you're unable to consistently water with rain, lake or pond water.

Running Low?

We've made it as simple as a couple spritz a month with our pre-mixed ready-to-use tillandsia fertilizer. Specially formulated low-nitrogen fertilizer designed to promote growth, bloom and pupping. 

Simply spray your plants once a month