Photo Story: Construction Update at Escuela Línea B-6 Satelite

Photo Story: Construction Update at Escuela Línea B-6 Satelite

Guatemala welcome crew Air Plant shop
A warm and cheerful welcome from parents and community members to the most recent construction of Air Plant Supply Co's third school in partnership with Pencils of Promise located in Línea B-6 Satelite.
welcome Air Plant Shop
The groups' gratitude and excitement was electrifying and made the Air Plant Supply Co. team emotional. To witness and feel the joy in-person was priceless. We cannot express how delighted we are to impact the lives of so many young people and their communities.
Pencils of Promise Guatemala signs
The community prepared many posters for the visit to exemplify their appreciation. Some of the posters explained about the history and economy of their community, while other posters shared how the community came together to organize and prepare for PoP in hopes of approval for a new school. We learned that the community of Línea B-6 Eje Central currently has six formal classrooms. Unfortunately, they are not in good condition. Due to the limited space some teachers have to share classrooms. In addition, the bathrooms at the school are not working properly which can become a hazard to student and teacher safety. 
welcome team for Air Plant Shop
The group created a cheer to welcome us!
info community
The parents and community members created ice breakers to do with the Air Plant Supply Co. team (even with the language barrier). It was an amazing way to bond with new friends!
contractor explain construction site
The Air Plant Supply Co. team was given a detailed tour of the construction site. In the coming months, a new seven-classroom structure, six restrooms and a handwashing station will be completed and begin to change the lives of many children and adults in the Línea B-6 Eje Central community. 
class rooms construction pencils of promise
The seven classrooms were already distinguishable – so exciting!
progress school construction pencils of promise
We were shown the location and layout of the six restrooms directly next to the classrooms – one of which will be wheelchair accessible.
septic tank installation
An important consideration when planning the construction is the location of the septic tank. The septic tank will be installed behind the classrooms and restrooms.
working construction school
It was a very hot day but the construction team was hard at work. Part of the communities agreement with PoP is to provide some of the manual labor since PoP and Air Plant Supply Co. provided most funding for materials.
Progress construction classroom school pencils of promise
Another perspective from the construction site. 

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